Customer Testimonials

“A Solid Foundation Begins with an Honest Inspection”

Edwin was great at explaining the process and his findings. I received the report sooner than expected, and found the report to be thorough and informative. Would definitely recommend!!

Connie D.

Edwin was professional, efficient, and took the time to explain the findings of the inspection. The customer was delighted with the educational information received during the visit. Will use the service again the future.

Samantha C.

He is really good, very thorough, and has a lot of great knowledge. I am happy to recommend him.

Deepak K.

Edwin was very professional. He made me feel like he saved me! Was very thorough.

Karen L.

Edwin was very thorough in his inspection and took the time to explain the areas of concern. I feel so much more educated in the workings and structures of my chimney and roof. Excellent customer service!

Michelle M.

Very knowledgeable, went above and beyond our expectations. Very friendly and courteous.

Patricia W.

I have received superior expertise service and inspection of my roof

Angie B.

Edwin Cristancho/Inspector was excellent in the complete process of roofing inspection. He explained the areas that were left undone on my roof, areas that would present serious problems if Roofer did not come back and perform corrections of poor workmanship done on my roof. (these were things I could not see, nor would have understood, nor knew were left undone) Edwin also followed up with provision of a PDF detailed view of areas that needed to be completed correctly. This information from Inspector/Edwin helped me to demand corrections and resolve matters with proof of improper performance prior to making my final payment to Roofer.

Jane S.

It was a very unbiased report, very detailed and thorough in what was needed immediately and what was needed maybe in 6 months. He is bilingual as well which is very convenient. I would highly recommend him.

Louanne F.

E. Christancho was great. He spent a large chunk of his time examining the roof after a roofing company made many mistakes. The previous inspector (not Trinity Home Inspectors) I hired only spent 20 minutes and missed so many problems. Edwin made a detailed report which is very clear for the roofing company to review. He had spent time talking about the problems and possible ways of fixing them correctly. When the roofing company completes their mistakes, I will definitely have Edwin come out again to re-evaluate.

Eric R.

Very professional and always on time. It was a definitely a good choice.

Miguel V.

Edwin was great!!! And would recommend him for your roof inspection. Professional and on time.

Tarnia N.

He did a very good job, answered all my questions and made sure I understood everything about the inspection. He is amazing and I happy to recommend him to anyone.

Mary D.

After hiring a company which has been very disappointing with broken promises for over four months of trying to get my home back to the same condition before the hail damage in April, I lost total faith in them because in the process of repairing my home they caused much damage. Because of this I needed an inspector to come in and check for any additional. Damage. Edwin was so professional and understanding explaining very clearly what additional problems he found on my roof. Because of his expert attention to detail, I will now be able to reach a decision on what action I need to take. Thank you Edwin. I for the first time am confident in what exactly needs to be done to correct the roofing problems. You were a breath of fresh air in over four months of frustration and emotional and mental anguish caused by a company who does very sloppy work.

Judith G.

Edwin was thorough and patient with questions and concerns. Also very knowledgeable.

Channing W.

Mr. E. Christancho is a very knowledgeable and professional inspector. He took the time to arm me with the information requested over the phone in an effort to clam my concerns and provide peace of mind. Moreover, he was able to addressed all of my questions and honed in on critical discrepancies induced by a faulty roof repair company. Bottomline, his in depth analysis led to the discovery of hidden/un detected workmanship errors that could have resulted in future costly repairs for me the homeowner. Let me be clear, protect your roof (or any home repair) replacement investment by having this type of expertise and quality assurance review before you pay contractor fees for work that was not performed to the manufacturer’s specifications.

David P.

They are very knowledgeable very nice and very professional.


Edwin from Trinity Home Inspectors inspected my roof and did an excellent job finding many discrepancies. He explained everything to me in detail and I was pleased by his honesty and expertise. Edwin was very through and knowledgeable throughout his inspection. I recommend him for anyone looking for a home inspector.

Peggy A.

Thorough roof inspection and great, detailed report.

Paul A.

Mr. Cristancho made a thorough inspection of our roof. He explained what he will do and how he will do the inspection. He ensured that the we received the report immediately. Highly recommended.

Lailani D.

Professional, cordial, bilingual and I highly recommend him!

Stephanie C.

Very professional and knowledgeable.

Veronica G.

Edwin made contact with me minutes after I submitted my inquiry on a roof inspection. We scheduled a time that was convenient for me for the following week. I was impressed right away, as Edwin showed up right on time. We scheduled a 0900, and he was outside at 0855 when I looked out the window. He explained everything he was going to do in detail and broke it down easy enough for me to understand. I got a verbal summary before he left, and was told I’d have the report in my email within 48 hours. The report was in my email later that evening. Would definitely recommend.

Jason G.

He was really thorough and did a full report.

Jonathan N.

I couldn’t have asked for a better service or responsiveness.

Converse, TX Homeowner

My roofing inspector was Edwin who was extremely helpful in educating me about the problems that we will have with the work done on our roof. He was patient with my 101 questions and that I appreciated. I would recommend your company to anyone who was need of an honest evaluation.

Anna T.

Any homeowner that needs an inspection, should call Trinity Home Inspectors first. The work is second to none, the quality is top notch and definitely worth the money.

San Antonio, TX Homeowner

Edwin was on time and inspected my roof and found several shortcomings of the roofer. He explained everything in great detail and had pictures to validate the areas not done properly. Answered all our questions in detail and left nothing out. Very knowledgeable inspector. Can’t wait to get the report.

Dan B.

I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for the excellent service I received from Trinity Home Inspectors , most notably Edwin Cristancho. Edwin provided not just excellent service but wrote a great inspections report, which pointed out what I was getting into. Thank you again Edwin.

Lisa C.

ON time and a good value for the money.

Michael D.

Edwin was here before time. He explained his process and took note of my concerns. In the end he informed me of the deficiencies and what needs to be done to correct it. I look forward to receiving his written report. I will definitely recommend Trinity Home Inspectors to others.

Terry S.

Impressed with work ethic. Showed up on time and completed job in time frame specified. Explained details of what to expect during the inspection of the entire house. Very patience with several questions he was asked. Mr. E. Cristancho provided me with the report in 2 days. It was well presented and easy to understand. He didn’t make recommendations to have any items fixed or try to solicit any company for repairs. Trinity Home Inspectors-Edwin is definitely recommended.

Patricia S.

Edwin was candidly professional and very much a detail-orientated inspector throughout his visit. From showing up on time, to explaining what his inspection incorporates and why, and for allowing for any questions that I had…Edwin proved to be exemplary on all accounts. Perhaps it’s because of his engineering background, he knew exactly how to explain some of the roofing concepts (I am not a roofer) in which I needed to understand to see exactly how he graded my newly replaced roof. Not everyone is able to explain what a customer should be looking for with a roof replacement in a way that makes some kind of decent sense, but Edwin provided a very thorough break down. I’m a person that can appreciate visual aids for learning something new, and Edwin provided many pictures and a some drawings to further illustrate what issues I had with my newly placed roof. Needless to say, I have many questions to pose to the roofing company I hired before I pay them. Some advice from my experience, if you do hire a roofing company that you are unsure of and can only go off a rating…the small investment of hiring a non-affiliated 3rd party home inspector like Edwin C. Is well worth his price if you have ANY questions (as I did) about your new roofing job. I consider myself lucky in that I only agreed to pay after the roofing company and I had a final walk through together. It’s your roof, your money, and ultimately your peace of mind that in my humble opinion makes it worth hiring a company like Trinity Home Inspectors inspections to handle these type of issues a customer may have. In conclusion, I can truly say that Edwin of Trinity Home Inspectors Inpections is definitely somebody who takes pride in his work and values his customers, and I would definitely hire him again based off of this recent experience.

Anthony V.

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